Frequently asked questions

When, where, who?

The 2021 d.hacks Hackathon will be held online during the weekend of February 20-21. High schoolers in grades 9-12 can participate from all over the world!

Do I need experience?

Not at all! Our hackathon will be focused more on the problem-solving aspect, so you don't need to like or be good at coding! You can choose any medium to create your prototype for your user, such as Google Slides, Wix/Weebly/website builders, 3D modeling with CAD, code an app, or even use hardware!

What opportunities are in this hackathon?

Not only will you be able to strengthen your teamwork, problem-solving, and designing/programming, there are also so many workshops you can attend to get a free introduction to a new skill for coding or 3D modeling! We also have a workshop about building the perfect résumé and LinkedIn and a panel of employees who will talk about their college/job experiences, which will give you the knowledge you need to pursue a great future career!

What are the prizes?

Please see the prizes on Devpost here: https://d-hacks.devpost.com/